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  • Triple Triad

    Welcome to Triple Triad. The page where you learn about the game. Incase you didn't know, Triple Triad is the card game of Final Fantasy VIII. Most of the people around the world play cards. You just have to ask. But what's the point, you ask? Well, when you win card games, you can obtain nice rare items (by changing the card into an item) that you can't find anywhere else. You can use these items for upgrading weapons and other useful thingz. Also, the game is hella addicting. Any Squaresoft fan can play this game for hours and not get bored. It's challenging and fun.
    I have the information you may need on this page. The different rules can be rather confusing at times, but here are some definitions.



    This must be the best rule in the game. It allows you to view your opponent's cards so you can make better moves. Take advantage of this!


    The Random rule menas that random cards are selected out of your deck that you must play with. This rule shouldn't be in effect until Balamb Garden is mobile. It will be harder to obtain a rare card when this rule is in play. Personally, I like changing most of my level 1, 2 and 3 cards into items so I won't be stuck with low cards, if the game rule is Random.

    Trading Rules

    Trade rules are how many cards you get when you win a game-or how many cards you lose. Trade rules also change depending where you are in the world. So be aware of the trading rules before you start a game. There are 4 kinds:

  • One:
  • The player who wins gets to take one of the opponent's cards

  • Diff:
  • When playing with the Diff rule, you get to take the difference of the 2 scores. Example: If you win 6 to 3, you would be allowed to take 3 of your opponent's cards.

  • Direct:
  • This rules means, if you win, you get to take the cards you flipped from your opponent. However, your opponent gets to take the cards that he/she flipped too. Kind of a two-way thing going on here, no?

  • All:
  • The rule All is pretty risky. It means that the winner gets to take all 5 cards from the loser.

    Sudden Death

    nder Sudden Death, the game doesn't end until someone wins. But after each draw you only get the cards that you flipped and that are your colour. So in the game, you may lose some of your good cards to your opponent and that they would be able to use them against you. This is only temporary though so when the game ends, you'll get your original cards back, unless you lose. In that case, you'd lose some cards and get some back.

    The Same/Plus/Combo Rules

    Damnit, these rules can be annoying! They can be so hard to understand at times it's not even funny! Well, I guess I'm here to clear this up.

  • Same:
  • The Same rule works when you put down cards that have the same rating as the adjoining cards. Example: If you put down a card in the top left corner, you will be able to flip both of the opponent's cards if they have the same numbers as the bottom and right of the card you placed down.

  • Plus:
  • This rule is applied when cards add up to the same number on two or more sides..

  • Combo:
  • If you're playing with the Same/Plus rules it is possible to obtain combinations of flips off of one draw. This is basically it. Um, if anyone has any diagrams to make this rule make more sense, plleeaassee tell me. Thanx.

  • Same Wall:
  • The outer edges of the board is considered the Same Wall. When playing with the Same rule, all of the sides of a Same Wall is given a value of "A".