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  • Friendz Of Mine

    Well, here we go. For being such a kind person that I am, I have made a special widdle corner of my page dedicated to friends. These people are a big part of my life and made me happier. :) hehe. So thanx to all for putting up with me and I hope you continue doing so! *smirks* I hope to put pictures of everyone here (if they let me to), and if you have no picture give me one and I'll get Jael to scan it for me! heh.. So in NO PARTICULAR order here are some..

    To see a pic of Mandy, Paula, Joelle, Amanda, Katie, me and Charisse click here.

    Click here to see a pic of my best friend Jael on one of her many moments on the phone. OR you may click here to see a pic of her doing her usual thang..heh. *grin*

    Actually, Joel's not my friend, but BOYfriend..hehe. But click here to see him doing his karate thingy at the new year's party.^_^
    heh heh..*grin* Jael: ha, I got this pic from..take a wild guess! Joel: mwahaha..lookie what I havveee *smiles*
    Click here to see a pic of Chad, my net/phone friend.

    Here is a pic of Stacy. She goes to a different school now but we keep in touch.