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  • Chocobo Breeding

    Can't figure out just how to obtain the Gold chocobo to get Knights of the Round? You've come to the right place, my friend. It takes awhile, but it's worth it!

    Ok, if you want to obtain the Gold Chocobo and get the Knights of the Round summon materia (which I'm sure that's why you're doing this for) expect to have a lot of money and a lot of time to spare. There are probably many other ways you could breed the Chocobos but this is the way that I did it and it seemed to work. So if you have about 2-3 hours of free time, let the breeding begin!

    First of all you must have the Highwind to begin, but I would recommend you to do this a bit later in the game because you will have more money. If you do, go to the Chocobo Farm and talk to the man in the house. You will have to buy 6 stalls from him which are 10,000 gil each.

    After you buy the stalls equip yourself with the Chocobo lure materia and head for the Chocobo tracks near the Gold Saucer. Here you will find walking Chocobos. You will need a male and a female walking. When wearing the materia you will have a chance to encounter a chocobo in battle. Kill off all the enemies but make sure you don't hit the Chocobo! When you successfully captured a chocobo, you'll be riding it. Press X to dismount and you will be given an option which says "Send this Chocobo back to the farm?" Yes or No.

    When you have your 2 walking chocobos (male and female) go back to the Chocobo Farm and talk to the boy in the stables. Go to the option "Moving Chocobos" and the boy will ask which chocobo you want to move into the stable. You would want to move good or wonderful chocobos. The boy will tell you if it is or not. There are several different types but only three will be useful. The types are:

    Useless: -chocobos which are standing or swaying, walking with their head down
    Walking:-chocobos are walking with thir head up
    Running:-chocobos are running with their head up
    Dashing:-chocobos are running VERY fast

    If you encounter a useless chocobo get rid of it and go back to find a better one.

    Now you will have to capture a male and female runnng Chocobo. They are found on the Southern Island near Mideel. When you have two, do the same thing you did with your walking Chocobos and send them to the farm to check out their gender and if they're good or not.

    When you have finished that you need to find the seasoning to breed them. Go to the Chocobo Sensei's house which is in the middle of the Northern Continent. Land on the patch of grass there and equip yourself with the Steal Materia. Run around on the grass untill you encounter a giant red dragon. Steal from him and you will recieve a Carob nut. Either kill him or run away. You have to fight the dragon 3 times because you need 3 Carob nuts. So just keep on stealing from him until you have 3.

    Once you have the nuts return to the Chocobo Farm. Save your game before going in and then talk to the boy there again. Select from the list "Breed Chocobos" and choose your male Walking and your female Running Chocobo. You will be asked which nut to use so select your Carob nut. If successful you will now have a Green Chocobo which can go over mountains. If it didn't work and you recieve another yellow Chocobo. Reset and load your game to where you are about to enter the farm. Try again until you get your Green Chocobo.
    When you have it, go back out of the farm and save your game again. Go back inside and pick your other Chocobos, the female Walking and the male Running. You have to now breed them which may take a bit longer than getting your Green Chocobo. Keep on reseting again until you get a Blue Chocobo that can cross rivers. However, your Blue Chocobo must be the opposite gender than your Green. Like I said before, keep on trying until you get the right color and gender.

    When you have your Blue and Green Chocobos, you have to wait awhile before you can breed them. So, if you want there are new areas to explore with your new chocobos. I have some listed here:

    Frog Forest -this is located near Cosmo Canyon (Red XIII's home town.) It has a variety of nice items you can obtain in there. To get there, use your Green(mountain) Chocobo.
    Materia Caves -there is a cave on the island where Wutai is as well as one on the islands on the lower right corner. These caves consist of materia which you can get with your Mountain Chocobo as well. There is another cave on the coninent where the Golden Saucer is that you can reach when you get the Black Chocobo which I'll talk about soon.

    You might even want to go to the Golden Saucer and try out the Chocobo racing or play some games, it's up to you.

    After all that, go back to the Chocobo Farm and save your game yet again. Go inside and pick your Green and Blue chocobos to breed. Use the same nut(carob). Keep reseting until you get a Black Chocobo that can go over both mountains and rivers.

    This takes a lot of work, doesn't it? Now go and capture a Dashing Chocobo that are located on the Northern snowy continent and make sure it's the opposite gender of your Black Chocobo. Guess what? You have to race them now!

    Alright, now go to the Golden Saucer and then to Chocobo Racing. Walk up to the girl on the left side of the screen and talk to her. She'll ask you 3 questions. When it comes to which track you would like, pick either the long or short, it doesn't matter which.

    After this you will see a screen with all the chocobos. If you are faster than the others, you'll have no problem.

    TIP: If you want to be faster than the other chocobos go to the Chocobo farm and feed your chocobo greens. You can purchase greens from Chocobo Billy (boy at the farm) or at the Chocobo Sensei's (sage) house. The greens there are more exspenive but are more effective also.

    There are 4 classes in Chocobo racing. Each Chocobo starts at Class C and advance a Class when you win 3 races in a row. In Class C and B the computer can usually win for you, but in Classes A and S it's better for you to use manual.

    TIP: A nice tip for racing is that you can hold R1, R2, LI and L2 down while in Manual control. This will let your dash meter fill up and for you to run faster :D

    Take your Black Chocobo and your Dashing Chocobo and race them to S Class. Just keep on feeding them to get their stamina up. Sometimes you'll see a Black Chocobo racer in there which is very hard to beat. He won't be there all the time, so don't worry about it. ^_^

    When your Black and Yellow Dashing Chocobo are in S class you need yet another special nut to breed them. On the Northeast corner of the screen there's an island called Goblin Island. Equip your steal materia again and run around in the forests until you fight little goblins with boxing gloves. Steal from them to get the nut. Go back yet again to the Farm, save your game and choose to breed your Black and yellow Dashing Chocobo. Use the nut you just stole from the goblins which should be the last one on the list. You should now have the Gold Chocobo. It took me 2 tries to get it, but you should get it in your 1st or 2nd try. Now, go to the circle island with your Gold Chocobo to the Northeast corner of the map. (it's the island that isn't shown on the map) The island has a cave on one end, go into it and you will have the Knights of the Round Summon Materia! Wahoo!

    One more thing, when you have your Gold Chocobo you can now win a S Class race. Win several of those and you will recieve some great items!