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  • Final Fantasy VIII Overview

    This time your name is Squall Leonheart, a member of an elite military team, determined to save the world and to win a girl's heart. The enemy is Sorceress Edea who teamed up with Galbadian Soldiers and is now even more powerful. Besides all this sometimes as Squall, you fall into a "dream" and become a man named Laguna. Who is Laguna? What does he have to do with the problems you have now?
    Most of the story revolves around Squall and Rinoa. It could be called a love story if you want, but there IS lots of fighting involved. So guys, don't be worried..heh. Chocobos return in FFVIII, but this time, you don't catch them in battles but find them in forests. Different, eh? No more materia. Good God no! What will we do? No prob, there is now the Junction System. Magic is now drawn from enemies or found at draw points. The game also revolves around GFs (Gaurdian Forces). Basically, they're close to Summons in FFVII. But they're alot different. Your GF now has HP, abilties to learn and it's own attack meter..Oooo.. Money! Yes, you still have your Gil but you don't get any money from enemies. Hmm, how do you get money then? Your salarie. Yes, how much money you get is based apon how good you are as a SeeD aka military dude. So now you have to be careful on your actions if you plan on having lots of money. Lots of things depend on how well you do in the game.
    Instead of having your games at the Golden Saucer or snowboarding at Icicle Inn, there is teh new card game. Cards are played all over the world. Cards can be used to get rare items to upgrade weapons. The card game is really quite addicting once you know the rules.
    I think the game is awesome although I'm not *quite* done yet. Great graphics! You know what I mean when you see the opening FMV for the game. This concludes my little overview on the basic thingz on the game.