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  • Final Fantasy VII Level 4 Limit Breaks

    The best part about being in a battle is watching the lovely limit breaks. They're cool moves and does a hell of alot of damage, in most cases. Level 4 limit breaks are the best you can get. To obtain them, your character has to have all their 1, 2 and 3 limits. Usually there's 2 to get in each level. Once you have them all, you are now able to find the level 4. Here's all the info on that for ya.

    Character Name Where da hell is it?
    Cloud Omnislash In the Battle Arena, buy it for 32 000BP
    Aerith Great Gospel Get the Mythril from the Sleeping Man in the cave and then go to the man who makes weapons. He lives in a house on the map by himself. Pick the top floor safe.
    Barret Cascastrophe After Meteor is summoned, go back to North Corel and talk to the woman in the center house. She'll give it to you.
    Tifa Final Heaven Go to Nibelheim and then into Tifa's house. You have to play the Highwind theme on the Piano. Sorry, I don't have the theme here but I hope to get it soon.
    Cait Sith None He only has a Level 2 Limit Break called Slots
    Yuffie All Creation Beat the bosses in the Temple in Wutai
    Red XIII Cosmo Memory Open the safe in the Nibelheim and beat the boss. You'll get it from him.
    Cid Highwind Get in the Sunken Shinra Airplane
    Vincent Chaos Go to Vincent's waterfall for the 2nd after you have met Lucecia. Make sure you have Vincent in your party and look for it in the cave.