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    Feb.5,2k I made this table. kewl, eh?
    Feb.10,2k Made a Triple Triad section, and completed the rules
    Feb.21,2k Added World Maps to FFVII andFFVIII
    Feb. 27,2k Updated Friend section
    March 05,2k Made help on Ruby Dragons page

    hey,'s Rei here. I just wanted you guys to know that I am still alive, but not working on this particular page now. I think that I will let this page be for awhile (eek, it has already been a long time) and continue working on my new page called OtakuArt.


    So, if you want, you may visit my new site and tell me what you think! And sorry for not updating this page but I'm not sure if i'm going to or not because..well, i suppose there are many other FF sites out there that are better than mine and you would prefer going to. *sigh* ~rei.

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    Rei's Final Fantasy Cavern

    Final Fantasy VIII

    One of the most brillant role playing series ever created has to be the one and only Final Fantasy. Stunning graphics, the music, world, characters, vehicles, chocobos, mini-games and awesome storylines based on love, friends and bravery adds to the completion that makes FF so popular. Not to mention the little fuzzy feelings you get in sad parts *sniff* (Aerith..^-^;;). From NES to PlayStation (soon to be PSX2), Square's FF series changed the way people think about games.

    Webmistress's Note:
    This site is fairly new and will take time to get thingz going. Since my last site got DELETED somehow..Grrr.. I'll work on FFVIII for the time being, since it's the newest and all. As you see, this site isn't all about Final Fantasy, but has some stuff on friendz and anime too. I want to maybe get some fan art and How-to draw anime pages going so this is kinda a multi-site, but mostly your Fantasy. Feel free to contact me at for questions, comments, concerns..blah blah. Don't forget to sign the guestbook! So enjoy your stay and watch out for chocobos...they bite.

    Created January 2000

    I've had a total of Square fans or really bored people! Either one is okie!

    Disclaimer: This site is copyrighted by Rei-chan. All Final Fantasy related materials are copyrighted by Squaresoft. This site is used for entertainment uses only. Please don't take any of my pictures I made. Those are mine!