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  • Even though the Ruby Dragon is a regular enemy and not even a boss, it can cause some people to get pissed off. Ruby Dragons roam inside the Secret Underwater Lab and on the Island Closest to Hell (correct me if I'm wrong). The are big red dragons, duh. Because this creature caused me to be P.Oed, I decided to give the rest of you help if you need it. Here are some ways you can try to ease the task of killing it. You may find these useful, or may not. These are ways that I've heard about and maybe a couple don't work but I assume they all do. Well go now! *waves her hands at you* Try it!

    Try to...
  • Use Gravity and Ice based attacks, and summon Diablos as much as possible.
  • Use Aura on Quistis and then use her Degenerator limit break.
  • Junction 100 Meltdowns to Vitality.
  • Junction 100 Sleep to a character with Initative for status attack.
  • have 99 or more Vitality to all of your party.
  • Kill one member of your party. Yes this is cheap but if you do, Ruby Dragon won't use his harsh/best breath attack.
  • Junction lots of Fire to your Defence.

    I hope you find these useful!