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    "You've got no arms left!" "Yes I have!" "Then what's that then?" "I've had worse, come on you pansey!" --Monty Phython and the Holy Grail

    Oh? Really wanna know about me? Strange. Anywayz, since you came all this way, I'll tell you about myself. This is my 2nd page since my old Akane's Anime Shrine..Grr..where'd it go, Tripod? I have dark brown eyes and natural curly hair but you will never tell that I do since I straighten it every f*cking day..hehe.

    Okay, I have a love of art, especially anime and I consider myself an anime artist although I am not Japanese. *frowns* My favourite series has to be Ranma and Evangelion. One day I will go to Japan! Yes, and I want to be a computer programmer for a gaming company (hopefully Square..heh), either that or be an anime artist. Whatever. I'll never decide.

    Soccer is the best and I've been playing it since grade 3. I wanna be on the high school soccer team and Mandy and I will be cheerleaders for the football team. *smirks*

    I have great friends (which will be in my Friendz section, so why bother stating them here?) and Joel, my wonderful boyfriend.

    Well, that's about it on myself.

    Issues With Rei

    Well, currently there are no issues of mine that I would like to talk about here. If there are, I'll post.

    Old pic of Me