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    What am I doing? This page doesn't need no flashy intro, nobody comes here anyways. Ah well, for no particular reason at all, I have links. Good Gawd. Well have fun clicking away...ah, don't get me wrong, these sites arn't bad. They must be good if I allowed them to be here. >:) If you would like your site or other sites to be listed here (and maybe you'll get some advertising, ya!) just e-mail me at Domo arrigatou.

  • Of course the first link HAS to be Squaresoft. Duuuhhh!
  • Then we have the Anime Web Turnpike. This site is awesome for links to all your anime AND Final Fantasy needs.
  • As we go down the list we see Jael's site (my best friend) at Peckerhead Unlimited. Her site seems not completely finished but onto a great start.
  • We shall go on to Joel's site now called RanChan's Slayers Homepage. Seems like Joel's figured out HTML (taught by the one and only..heh heh..well sort of) and on his way to making a wonderful page. Ya!
  • This here is Joel's club.'s called Anything Goes School of Martial Arts..hmm
  • Here is AnimeNation. It's a pretty cool place to buy anime and get free e-mail addys.
  • An awesome place is Final Fantasy Online. Lots of info on all the fantasy games.