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  • Final Fantasy VII Ultimate Weapons

    Ultimate weapons in FFVII are the most advanced and destructive of any other kind of weapon. To know if you have the ultimate weapon for that character, there should be 8 linked materia slots and the materia growth should be none. To please your I-Want-the-Best-Weapon-in-the-Game attitude, I have the name of the weapon and where to get it listed here.

    Character Weapon Name How, you ask
    Cloud Ultima Weapon Keep attacking the Ultimate Weapon until he flies above Cosmo Canyon. Fight him there, beat him and you'll recieve it.
    Aerith I'll get this info l8er for you same with this.
    Barret Missing Score During the raid into Midgar, you'll find his in the Mako Canyon.
    Tifa Premium Herat Go to the abandoned item shop in Wall Market.
    Cait Sith Marvelous Cheer It's supposively in the Shinra Tower Gym. I never recieved it myself so that's all I know.
    Yuffie Conformer Go to the sunken Shinra airplane, Gelnika. Turn to Cloud's right and in that room should be her weapon in one of the boxes.
    Red XIII Limited Moon Go back to Cosmo Canyon after you put the Key to the Ancients in its place. Bugenhagen will eventually give it to you.
    Cid Venus Gospel When Cid's rocket is gone, go back to his town and talk to the man beside the house in the centre of the screen 3 times and he'll give it to you.
    Vincent Death Penalty In Lucecia's Cave (behind the waterfall), talk to Lucecia. Then go back into the cave a 2nd time and you'll get his weapon. (Make sure you have Vincent in your party)